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Eleven percent of the value of your home comes from the landscaping!  Too many sellers unkowingly give little notice to the looks of their yard.

If you plan on selling, take a look earlier on, and create a well manicured yard with colorful plants.  Make sure the weeds are gone the grass is edged neatly, the hedges

 are trimmed and mulched with a dark rich looking mulch. 

When the buyer drives by the house, he or she would be attracted and assume that the home has been well maintained.


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Please do not!  I learned how to rejuvenate the orchids and get them to bloom over and over and would love to share it with you.

One of my friends lives in an apartment.  Whenever her plants stop blooming, or look almost dead, she hands them over to me.  I never grew any orchids, other than a California Orchid Tree, since I am a practical person.  Other than beauty, I did not see the point of owning Orchids.

I asked at the local nursery how would they revive dying Orchids and followed the excellent advice.

  1. Once the blooms have died water only sparsely and place the plant in a dark place.
  2. Bring it in the house and into the light once it developed buds.
  3. Water only when the moss on top is dry.
  4. Avoid chlorinated water.

 I kept mine under the deck with the intention to leave it there until October.  However within a few weeks a new branch with multiple buds developed.  I then took it in the house to show off the beautiful blossom.  The flowers lasted for a few months and now again my plant has been under the deck in cool air.  New branches leaves and buds started to develop already. 

Since my positive experience with my first Orchid, I started giving them as gifts to my clients with the understanding that I will help them keep the Orchid blooming.

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Grow your own fruits from May to October.

After years of experimenting in Potomac and Bethesda with growing my own fruits, nuts and berries, I learned which ones would do best in our backyards without the use of pesticides.  For the last 3 years, I have been picking these fruits from May to October.  I now like to help my friends and clients to create the same environment in their yards.

 My next project is at 1418 Longfellow Street, Washington, DC.  The house was completely renovated and the landscaping is about to begin.

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