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At our Bethesda Garden Club Meeting today, we had a lecture by Master Gardener, Joan O’Rourke,   about starting a water garden in a container.  I had no intention of doing that after having a couple of ponds in the past.  I remembered that it required work to keep it clean and to worry about mosquitoes that are a menace in the swampy DC area.  And that was before the Nile Virus.

By the end of the lecture, I was sold on starting an aquatic garden project.

This is what I took from the lecture:

  • If you want to try having a pond, try a container garden, first.  Get any container that holds water.
  • Choose your location in the yard or on deck.  Is it shady or sunny?  This determines the plants you will purchase. 
  • It is possible to use soil, but there is a special clay soil that hold the plants better and does not murky the water.
  • You can use a number of pumps and gadgets that create water movement.
  • Assemble the pots and plants  that could go into the container.  The new gadget I discovered was a floating circle that can float a pot  with smaller plants. There is no need to put rocks under the pots, as
  •  Purchase mosquito dunks for water containers or buy very small fish. 
  • Purchase  fertilizer pills to use in the pots every three weeks.
  • In the winter, the non-hardy plants can be taken out of the water and brought into the house, and the fish given to anyone who wants a pet.  I would place the hardy plants in the ground with their pots. 
  • The water container  should be cleaned and placed in a dry place, if you do not want it to crack as it expands in the winter with iced water.

Now, I am ready to start a water garden, again.  Let’s see…what plants should I get?  If I go to Lilyponds, I know it would be hard to resist all the beautiful Waterlilies and Lotus plants.

I will report with pictures on my progress.


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