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A Bird Oasis in my Garden

Based on the presentation our garden club had, I put together an aquatic container garden.  Today, the four fish moved in.  I am not feeding the fish, as I expect them to eat the mosquito eggs and any algae.  I hope they do not become food to the birds and squirrels who frequent this little oasis.

I started with a pot I purchased at HomeDepot for $24.  I bought three water plants at the nursery for about $60, and gathered nice river stones from our yard to place in the container.

The stones provide a raised area for the plants that should not be at the bottom of the container.  They keep the container steady and also provide hiding spaces for the fish.  I got the fish at the pet store for 25 cents each.

The entire project cost less than $80.  I find it amazing to see how many birds are hanging around the yard now that the water garden is in the yard.  I hope some of the birds like to eat flies that come to our grapevines.

If anyone knows what  kind of birds would eat these flies, let me know and I will try to attract them.


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