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At our Bethesda Garden Club Meeting today, we had a lecture by Master Gardener, Joan O’Rourke,   about starting a water garden in a container.  I had no intention of doing that after having a couple of ponds in the past.  I remembered that it required work to keep it clean and to worry about mosquitoes that are a menace in the swampy DC area.  And that was before the Nile Virus.

By the end of the lecture, I was sold on starting an aquatic garden project.

This is what I took from the lecture:

  • If you want to try having a pond, try a container garden, first.  Get any container that holds water.
  • Choose your location in the yard or on deck.  Is it shady or sunny?  This determines the plants you will purchase. 
  • It is possible to use soil, but there is a special clay soil that hold the plants better and does not murky the water.
  • You can use a number of pumps and gadgets that create water movement.
  • Assemble the pots and plants  that could go into the container.  The new gadget I discovered was a floating circle that can float a pot  with smaller plants. There is no need to put rocks under the pots, as
  •  Purchase mosquito dunks for water containers or buy very small fish. 
  • Purchase  fertilizer pills to use in the pots every three weeks.
  • In the winter, the non-hardy plants can be taken out of the water and brought into the house, and the fish given to anyone who wants a pet.  I would place the hardy plants in the ground with their pots. 
  • The water container  should be cleaned and placed in a dry place, if you do not want it to crack as it expands in the winter with iced water.

Now, I am ready to start a water garden, again.  Let’s see…what plants should I get?  If I go to Lilyponds, I know it would be hard to resist all the beautiful Waterlilies and Lotus plants.

I will report with pictures on my progress.


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  May 6, 2010, is soon here and we will be up at 4:00 am to prepare for our annual sale.  I volunteered again this year to chair our yearly largest fund raising event.  This time, we are a team of three co-chairs and it is wonderful not to have to worry alone.

Our club posted the following blurb in the local media:

“Gardeners and anyone who loves plants won’t want to miss the Bethesda Community Garden Club’s annual plant sale. The 2010 Sale will be on Thursday, May 6. The sale, at the Bethesda Farm Women’s Market, 7155 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, will run from 7:00 AM until 1:00 PM rain or shine — come early. Find wonderful buys on a large selection of perennials grown in members’ well-tended gardens, plus herbs, annuals, native plants and shrubs. Novices and experts alike can pose their gardening questions to Montgomery County Master Gardeners on site throughout the sale. Proceeds benefit various community projects including landscaping at Bethesda and Davis libraries and a Montgomery College scholarship in landscape technology. Plentiful metered public parking is available in the lot behind the Market. The Bethesda Community Garden Club — celebrating 87 years of community service.”

I look forward to seeing you there on May 6, 2010.

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