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Followed instructions and removed 1st year grapes

The Grapes the Cat Bird is Not Going to Get

This is the second time I am embarking on growing grapevines since the 1980s.

I planted a Niagara, a Delaware and a mystery vine transferred from my former garden.

I kept waiting for the Niagara to bloom, thinking that it was a late season vine.  Finally, after letting the grapes develop for 2-3 month on the Delaware, it dawned on me that maybe it is better to remove the fruit in the first year.

I contacted Double A Vineyards, Inc., 10277 Christy Rd. Fredonia, NY 14063 via their website; and Sue Rak answered me the next morning with helpful advice!

Now, I have a plate full of unripe grapes.  I wonder what one can make with such little grapes that are not sweet, yet.

If you are thinking of growing grapevines, I highly recommend contacting Sue Rak at 716-672-8493, or on the website.

I certainly plan to buy from them grapevines as client gifts for my buyers who love gardening.


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