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Tomato Pest
Who can Identify this Worm?

It is October 9th, and our tomato plants are continuing to produce lots of fruits, while others report dismal tomato crops this year.

We have no idea how we did that.  Maybe, the new soil has something to do with our bumper crops late in the season.
This worm showed up on about two tomatoes.  In both cases, I eliminated the offenders.  We will see if the problem has been eliminated too.
This worm does not look like the Tomato Fruitworm, or any other listed online.  What is it?

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Finally by September, the okra seeds I sowed in May in the intensive, raised beds garden made it..  It had to deal with deer attacks, lack of space and shade.  But now, it sprang up to about 6 feet, developed many lateral branches, flower buds, and all together looks very healthy.

At this point, the ants came.  They were covering the flowers  and marching up and down the stem.  I did not like that at all.  I found out that there are a few organic solutions.

These are the methods one can use:

Sprinkle ground cinnamon on the ground and leaves.

Sprinkle Equal sugar substitute, it is supposedly deadly to ants. Checking the plants 24 hours later, I see that it did not work.

Spread coffee grinds around the plant.

Mix one cup of sugar with one cup of Boric Acid and spread around the plant.

I chose to first experiment with Equal.  I sprinkled it on the flowers and at a few spots were there is a noticeable ants infestation. I will check the results by the end of the day.

Today, I am trying the coffee grinds around the Okra plants, because the Equal did not work.  The ants are still in full force.

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