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I trimmed one of the trees about a week ago and already it has been sending out new shoots.  My plan is to prune  the roots in the Spring, keep the trees from getting too big, and keeping them in the same size pot.

In my experimenting with these plants, I was surprised to see how well they have done indoors avoiding all pests infestation; a problem I had in my former home.  My conclusions are that:

 1.  We keep this home much cooler at night and even during the day.

  2.  Keeping the trees out until they frost killed the bugs. 

  3.  The Hibiscus tree or bush will be fine if I prune it in the winter and keep it in a bright southern exposure.

Experimenting with Hibiscus Care


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Experimenting with Hibiscus trees in Washington, DC

Growing for the first time Hibiscus and in the winter

I inherited a couple of Hibiscus trees, being the practical person I am, I would have not bought.  When Summer ended I hoped to dispose of them but could not bring myself to throw out plants.  I kept them on the deck until the end of November, and took them in when real freezing was predicted.
After loosing some leaves, the two trees florished for the next 6 weeks.  The flowers kept blooming and unlike the outdoors flowers that fell off after one day, these stayed on for 5 to 6 days each!
As they fell off I trimmed the new buds off and cut off the branches to create a smaller tree.

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