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Those Who Labor Will Enjoy the Aboundance

On Friday, with the many warnings of the approaching storm, we rushed out to pick all the vegetables and herbs that are not frost resistant.

We got some Basil and Mexican Mint for pesto and all these crops that could be seen in the picture.
There was no real snow in our area, but a colder night followed.
We got them just in time, and are grateful for the extra warmer days in October.
These tomatoes are SO much juicier, and tastier, than one can purchase, even when they are indoors for a few weeks!!!
They will last at least through November and December.
Only draw back with growing our own…we are reluctant to buy cucumbers and tomatoes in the winter, because they are so tasteless.

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These beautiful healthy spaghetti Squashes grew from seeds I saved last year. We have been picking them, some even while very small.  Our baby grandson loved them, when he was here.

We also shared some with friends who wondered why they are not yellow like the one purchased in the store.

Does anyone have an idea how to tell when is the best time to harvest?

In the past, I served this Squash as one would serve pasta.  I added chopped Basil, Pine Nuts, chopped Garlic and grated Cheese.  This week, for our company we experimented and created a different dish.  Here are the instructions for our new dish:

Cut in half, remove all seeds, sprinkle with Cinnamon and Nutmeg.  Grate an Apple and sprinkle with unsweetened coconut.  Top it off with a few pieces of Butter and bake until soft when you poke it with a fork.

We liked it and so did the company.

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