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Those Who Labor Will Enjoy the Aboundance

On Friday, with the many warnings of the approaching storm, we rushed out to pick all the vegetables and herbs that are not frost resistant.

We got some Basil and Mexican Mint for pesto and all these crops that could be seen in the picture.
There was no real snow in our area, but a colder night followed.
We got them just in time, and are grateful for the extra warmer days in October.
These tomatoes are SO much juicier, and tastier, than one can purchase, even when they are indoors for a few weeks!!!
They will last at least through November and December.
Only draw back with growing our own…we are reluctant to buy cucumbers and tomatoes in the winter, because they are so tasteless.

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Teaching animals proper etiquette

Can I outsmart nature?

Every night some animal removes one large green tomato and chews it just a little.  The tomato is left in the raised bed, and I dutifully throw it out every morning.

Today, I decided to leave that green tomato that is already lost to us on the ground.

What do you think will happen tonight?

Would the animal pick a new tomato, or go back to the partial consumed one?

I cannot wait to find out.

Oh, I also remove most of the larger green tomato to ripen in the house.  I am tired of letting the birds, squirrles and chipmunks devour our tomatoes.

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